For people who have lost all their teeth there are a few options. Posts and crowns for every individual tooth can be prohibitively expensive. The alternative is either a permanent fixed set of teeth (an implant-Supported Bridge) or a removable set of dentures (Removable Dental Implant) held by two or more permanent posts.

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A high quality solution for a mouth with all the teeth missing. Instead of replacing each individual tooth with a titanium rod and crown a smaller number of titanium implants (usually four to six per jaw) are used to secure a complete set of teeth. The implanted roots take several months to fuse adequately to the jawbone (osseointergration), so patients have to wait this period of time before the final teeth can be attached. But the end results are both realistic looking and feel natural.
As with natural teeth an implant supported bridge will require a cleaning every six months by your dentist.


A more advanced option that traditional dentures, which were prone to slip, removable dental implants are held in place by two or more implants inserted into the patient’s jaw. The results are comfortable, cosmetically effective and highly functional, allowing the individual to utilize more mouth pressure when eating and never worry about slippage.

Removable dentures are cheaper that implant-supported bridges. And they have an advantage over fixed bridges in that they can be removed for cleaning, and allow easy cleaning of the jaw implants. The dental implant denture should also be thoroughly disinfected on the patient ‘s regular six month visits to the dentist.


  • Mouthguards
  • Occlusal splints
  • Anti snoring devices / Sleep apnoea

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